Eye of the tiger esthetics

Softap Anesthetics


Minnerva II Anesthetic Minnerva II Anesthetic
Minnerva2 Gel 10 gms. with 4% USP Lidocaine and .04% mg Epinephrine HCI. This anesthetic is for use on broken skin and works on contact. Use only as directed.
Block-Aid Anesthetic Block-Aid Anesthetic
Block-Aid Creme 10 g with 3% Lidocaine USP & 2% Tetracaine USP. For use on unbroken skin. Use only as directed.
Hurricaine Anesthetic Hurricaine Anesthetic
Hurricane Gel 1 oz. with 20% Benzocaine. This is an oral anesthetic for the inside of the lip, and is usually applied to a lip roll.
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