Eye of the tiger esthetics

Softap Applicators


Microbrush - Reg Microbrush - Reg
Regular (sz) Microbrush for applying anesthetic
Microbrush - Fine Microbrush - Fine
Extra Fine (sz) Microbrush for designing the finest eyebrows, lip lines, and eyeliner details. Simply the best for freehand artists!
Microbrush Dispenser Microbrush Dispenser
Microbrush Dispenser-a must have! Turn the handle to neatly dispense microbrushes one at a time. Comes with 50 regular size microbrushes in yellow.
Long Q-tips Long Q-tips
6 inch Q-tips (100 per Pack). Wonderful for testing colors on clients and mixing custom SofTap color blends.
4 inch Braided Lip Rolls 4 inch Braided Lip Rolls
4 inch Braided Lip Rolls - 50 per pack. Lip rolls inserted in the client's mouth, under the lip, give a great even surface to work on when filling in or feathering color into lips! Hurricane gel may be applied for added client comfort.
Nonwoven Sponges Nonwoven Sponges
3 x 3 Nonwoven Sponges - 200 per pack. An absolute essential for the permanent cosmetic professional.
Skin Markers Skin Markers
Skin Markers (3 Pack). The best way to keep your perfectly drawn custom eyebrows in place while you work! These skin markers are fine tipped for blueprinting your design exactly and keep your outline visible while you work.
Brushes Brushes
Brushes (24 per Pack). These disposable brushes are a must-have for those of you used to traditional makeup brushes.
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